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Guerreiros Sem Armas

Guerreiros Sem Armas


GSA is an international course that brings together sixty young people from different countries who are looking for transformation and want to be part of it. Learning happens in the interaction with a real community, where shared knowledge is the basis for building collective dreams. The guide to transform people and relationships in any social context is the Oasis Game, a community mobilization tool developed by the Elos Institute in Brazil to materialize collective dreams. It is divided into these seven steps: observation, appreciative gaze, relationship creation, dream collection, planning, action, celebration and re-evolution. It has been applied more than 280 times in more than 30 countries.

Elos Institute arose from the coming together of five young architects and has become a multidisciplinary community focused on designing strategies to build the best of all worlds starting right now. Insituto Elos works and applies its philosophy with youth, communities, organizations, governments and companies. The philosophy has been build around experiences of working in communities, shared in various learning-by-doing programs, primarily the school of Guerreiros Sem Armas.


Maria Alonso del Val participated in the tenth edition of GSA last year and she will speak in first person of her experience in the immersion of this program. She participates, co-facilitates and promotes citizen participation and community creation projects.

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Date & Time

2018/04/09 | 18:00 to 19:30

Updated on 27 September 2018